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We Include is creating a world where people with disabilities are seen, welcomed and valued.

We Include shows that it is possible to make the world a better place with a simple yes to including people with disabilities in friend circles, workplaces, schools, and the national cultural conversation at large.

1 in 4 adults live with a form of disability.

Despite popular misconceptions, disabilities are actually quite common. 


Treat of a Lifetime

Barkworthy Baker Allison Fogarty Goes On Set with Her Idol Rachael Ray

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of people with disabilities are lonely

That’s a lot of people who are lonely. Unfortunately, it has been a societal norm to largely exclude people with disabilities from workplaces, social circles, marketing and media, etc. We Include is here to change that. To start, here are some ways to begin including people with special needs in your world.

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Dare to create a different world with us

People with disabilities have limitless potential when given the opportunity to achieve. Watch the stories that We Include made happen by believing that a more inclusive world is not only possible–it’s better for everyone.


Including everyone makes us​ stronger.,better.,cooler.,brighter.,happier.,bolder.,sparkle.,the bomb 🙂

Inclusion Influencers

We Include unites the boldest voices to make sure the message of inclusion gets heard loud and clear.


Rachel Barcellona

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Allison Fogarty

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Temple Grandin

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Grace Strobel

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Inclusion Is Smart Business

Including is easy. Here’s how:

Learn how to empower and include people with disabilities in schools, businesses and everyday life.

2/3 of people are unsure how to interact with someone with a disability.

That’s too bad. They are missing out.

Celebrity Influencers

Meet the people using the limelight to put a spotlight on inclusion.


7 reasons why you should have FOMO if you’re not including people with special needs in your life.

One of the biggest mistakes people make is assuming people with developmental disabilities aren’t social. They are—and, what’s more, people with special needs are awesome at being friends. If you don’t have any people with developmental disabilities in your life, you’re missing out on some amazing life experiences.

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We Include is proud to showcase the beauty of diversity. Check out our lookbook of individuals with disabilities living their best lives and submit yourself or your loved one too.

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