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1 in 4 adults live with a form of disability​


Amazing Grace

Meet Grace Strobel, the inspiring model and motivational speaker with Down syndrome who gets us right in the feels.

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76% of people with disabilities are lonely

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What if it’s easier than you think? Watch the stories we made happen by believing a more inclusive world is not only possible–it’s better for everyone.
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Meet the people changing the game.

model and advocate

Rachel Barcellona


Allison Fogarty


Temple Grandin

model and speaker

Grace Strobel



Alivia, the social impact clothing company of co-founders Jovana and Brandon Mullins, believes the only label on a person should be attached to a fabulous garment. The company launched its inaugural collection for Spring 2020, featuring the bold, arresting patterns and colors of William Choi, Allen Li, and Yu Chen, all talented creators with autism.

Including is easy. Here’s how:

Learn how to empower and include people with disabilities in schools, businesses and everyday life.

2/3 of people are unsure how to interact with someone with a disability.

That’s too bad. They are missing out.


7 reasons why you should have FOMO if you’re not including people with special needs in your life.

One of the biggest mistakes people make is assuming people with developmental disabilities aren’t social. They are—and, what’s more, people with special needs are awesome at being friends. If you don’t have any people with developmental disabilities in your life, you’re missing out on some amazing life experiences



We Include is proud to shine a spotlight on anyone, anywhere living with a disability.
Check out our lookbook of friends and family with disabilities living their best lives

Melissa is amazing because she makes everyone feel welcome and accepted.

Melissa C.

Rick has an incredibly kind heart and is a wonderful friend.

Rick F.

Lauren is amazing because she is fearless, never gives up, and achieves anything she puts her mind to.

Lauren C.

Andrew has a smile that lights up a room and people's hearts.

Andrew B.

Heidi's soul is so full of love, it surprises me every day.

Heidi F.

He has a big heart and a smile to share with everyone he meets.

Dirk H.

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